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AKUNOSOSHIKI BOX [MiniGame & SoundAlbum]

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- Including original new mini game!

- Popular soundtracks of AKUNOSOSHIKI games.

- Alarm function. (Choose your favorite song.)

- New songs are constantly added and updated!!!


- Rambling Road [Avoooid! Hero]

- Falling Zone [Avoooid! Hero]

- Shadow Evening [Flyyy! Hero]

- Dream on Needles [Flyyy! Hero]

- Seek Wind [Slash! Hero]

- Dance in a Moment [Slash! Hero]

- Sword of The Hero [Slash! Hero]

- Dark Knight [Slash! Hero]

- X [Slash! Hero]

- Star Vanisher [Star Vanisher…!!]

- Triangle Targets [[S]Star Vanisher…!!]

- and more...

Play along while commuting! For driving music! Use the song as wake up alarm!

You can listen to your favorite songs! Many more of new songs are added in advance!

AKUNOSOSHIKI Fan Special Edition@

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