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Anti-terrorist Sniper Team

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Anti-terrorist Sniper Team is the most exciting and challenging first person shooter (FPS) experience, where you play as top class sniper together with your team to strike terrorists, combat covert terrorist activities and destroy terrorist bases. Once disparate snipers are united together to take Eagle Action. Are you accurate enough to scope terrorists from across the map? SWAT forces, it’s no time to hesitate. Time to take real action and destroy the terrorist organizations!

Terrorist groups spread disorders and chaos in every corner of the world, from Paris to Rome, from Russia to Ukraine. Civilians in this area are in danger. The Peace Committee send you and your team to travel around the world to eliminate a mob of terrorist threats and infiltrate high-profile target that get the way peace. You are united elite snipers. There are no room for mercy, only for shooting!

Anti-terrorist Sniper Team features:

-realistic and challenging FPS experience

-play as sniper together with elite sniper team to infiltrate terrorist threats

-travel around the world to combat terrorist bases

-numerous missions

-heart-pounding sound effects

-ultra optimized graphics

-huge array of equipment and weapons to choose from

-destructive weapons and ammunition

-complicated situation, hijacked building and crossing fire

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