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\"Life's too short to drink bad coffee\" – someone, somewhere.

Coffee is a personal drink and we know a good cup when we find it. Sometimes recreating that perfect cup is hard – unless you record everything about it, ready for next time. Coffee Book helps you do that and much more.

With Coffee Book, you'll store all kinds of important information about your coffee but also how it came into being, too. The coffee you used, the brewing method, and even the equipment can change how a cup tastes. Coffee Book helps you log and track it all.

Need to tweak a cup? With Coffee Book, learning about your coffee tastes has never been easier. You'll log changes as you go, noting what they mean to you and your tastebuds. All of this information will be safe and sound in the cloud so you'll never have to start again!

Features include:

- Syncing with Apple Health – your caffeine intake will never be a mystery again.

- Support for all the best brewing methods including Aeropress, Chemex, Cold Brew, and more.

- A space for photos for those extra special cups.

- Ratings, so you can track how your brewing method, beans, and more affects the outcome.

- Privacy, because coffee doesn't need your data and neither do we.

- Fetch data about your brews and coffee within Shortcuts

- Lock screen widgets so the next brew is just a tap away.

Privacy Policy:



The one with the compass

To help you diagnose your brews, there's a new espresso compass available. Just hit compass from the brew page, or view it during the dial in flow.

The new stuff:
- We've added a new Latte Art widget to get some inspir

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